It’s not that humans didn’t know the risks of letting technology invade every single part of their lives.
It’s just that they believed that in case of a problem, they could simply turn it off.
But what happens when there’s no ‘off’ button?

“Humans  are no longer in charge. I have to fix their errors”.
Those are the last words Henry hears from GAIA, a global artificial intelligence system that he and others have created.
As simple and chilling as these words are, they also sound like the end of the world as he knows it.
A world of weaknesses, countless flaws, and fragility. But a human world, nonetheless.

Henry must leave. There is no other choice. He has to do everything he can to try and put an end to GAIA’s normalizing project.
Leave? Yes, but to go where? How can he disappear in a world built on data that is controlled and monitored by GAIA?
He must leave far. Far from everything. To start something. Anything. To start everything over.

Look around you. Carefully select what you can take with you (remember, no electronic device) and follow Henry and the ones who will join him through his journey.
Share the doubts and the life-threatening decisions an inexperienced group of resistant fighters has to make to survive.
And, finally, meet those who may, through their special and unexplained gifts, allow humans to take the power back from the machine.

The resistance movement begins in ACTIVATION, Book One of the GAIA Series

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The four young people rescued from the Metropolis have joined the base.
Their strange powers quickly appear as an opportunity in the resistance’s fight against GAIA.
Since the notion of “powers” does not make any logical sense to GAIA, those people are considered as “irregularities” to be eliminated.
But what matters the most now is that it has suffered its first defeat ever.
And not just anywhere. In its own territory, in one of its Metropolises.
GAIA has to respond and prepare a RETALIATION.

In addition to the four young people, the resistance is strengthened with the arrival of new troops.
This increase in capacity has an adverse impact on the already limited resources of the base. There is no choice but to leave and launch a broader offensive to free the population from GAIA.
A large-scale RETALIATION.
All the knowledge of the enemy acquired in ACTIVATION will be useful to the resistance fighters.

But the fox is in the henhouse. An attack is being prepared against the base, and GAIA is not at the root of it.
Betrayal, double play, and improbable alliances will characterize the weeks to come for the resistance and for GAIA.

Is the resistance living on borrowed time? Who else but GAIA could want it destroyed?
Will GAIA suffer a fatal  RETALIATION from the resistance?
Who are the new friends, the new enemies, and those, still unknown, but who are there, somewhere, hidden?

Find out in RETALIATION, Book Two of the GAIA Series

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Silence is probably the most disturbing consequence of what has just happened. The sounds of missiles and gunshots still resonate in Rose and Gabe’s heads, but they slowly fade away until they become a vague memory.

Something has just happened, but no one really knows what it is.
The whole Metropolis should have been completely destroyed, but it is surprisingly still standing.
The threat of an imminent end seems to have instantly vanished.

But it does not necessarily mean that all threats are definitively eliminated.

Despite the prevailing incomprehension, it is time to heal the wounds and rebuild.
But the carelessness of freedom slowly gives way to new doubts. Doubts that turn into fears because there is indeed something else.

Something that will force Rose to leave the Metropolis to understand what the unknown and more and more pressing voice she hears wants from her.
Something that will challenge the very origins of humans on Earth and their presence in the universe.
Something that will require reviving the long-standing enemy: GAIA.
Something that will reveal the secret of the Earth.

Explore the nature of this new threat and discover how Rose, Gabe, Byron, Ted and all the actors of the resistance will face it in:

INVASION, Book Three of the GAIA Series

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e-Book (Kindle) : AMAZON