This is the right place to know the author more personally

M.G. Gilibert has worked as a finance and strategy manager in the information technology industry for almost two decades.
Approaching his forties, and looking for a renewed purpose in his life, he finally took a leap of faith in 2016 and started to work on his first novel, Activation.
M.G. currently lives in France.

I was born in 1975. On July 22 to be exact (feel free to bookmark this date if you want to send me a present for my birthday 😉).

While born in a small city in the South of France, I spend the first 10 years of my life in beautiful Lyon. I could write a few paragraphs here to describe what Lyon has to offer, but this is not the purpose (I embedded links for those of you who want to learn more).

At the age of 11, my parents and their children (i.e. my sister and I) move to Dijon, in Burgundy. I spend my teenage years in that small city and I continue to build great memories.

At age 20, I leave the comfort of home and attend a business school in Clermont-Ferrand. This is where I learn Finance and where my future slowly begins to shape up.

At age 21, I spend the summer in the U.S. (Sandusky, OH) for a job at an amusement park. This is the first time I get in a plane. I come back to France in September bragging about all the new words I’ve learned. I promise myself I will come back to the U.S.

At age 22, I spend 18 months working (internship) in the finance department of a US-based IT company. An opportunity arises, I go back to school, graduate, and at age 24 I move to Houston, TX.

I made it!

I spend 4 years in Texas, until another opportunity takes me to Palo Alto, CA.

What??? The Silicon Valley??? Are you kidding me??? I’m living the dream!!!

After 3 years in California, a desire to come back to my roots grows inside me. I’m 30, and maybe it’s time to think about building something (a family).

I’m 31 and an opportunity to relocate to Paris comes up. I take it. I’m excited about the prospects.
Bye bye Corporate Headquarters, hello subsidiary.

At age 34, I get up like every morning. Meetings are lined up on my schedule. No surprise is to be expected. Just another day in the office. I open the door to a meeting room. A girl stands on the other side. I hold the door for her. It takes me less than a second to understand she is the one.
She makes me a father. The proud father of a wonderful boy.
Life happens. We split.

I’m reaching 40. I live comfortably, but I feel like something is missing. I need a fresh start. I quit my job. I try to start a business with friends. It doesn’t go anywhere. I get back to work. I don’t like it.
I have to think…
Somewhere, somehow, someone or something planted a seed in my brain.
I think. I have time now.
I keep thinking…
I water that seed. Unconsciously.
It grows. Every day a little bigger than the day before.
And then, one day, it becomes too big to ignore.
I want to write.
It’s now or never.
I’m here because of that. You are reading this because of that.